Gear shaping machine Liebherr WS-501

Gear shaping machine Liebherr WS-501 – by using our Liebherr WS-501 gear shaping machine, we can also process your components by the gear shaping process.

The Liebherr WS-501 gear shaping machine is used to produce straight internal gears. The main field of application are the production of internal gears as well as internal gears in blind holes or on the inside. It is mainly used for cutting spur gears with internal or external gear. By inserting a helical toothed guide and an appropriate cutting wheel, helical geared wheels can also be shaped. Different rypes of couplings, involute and splines can be produced by using special cutting knives.

Examples for workpieces that are often proceed by gear shaping:

  • Internal gear rings for planetary gears (ring gears)
  • Coupling hub (internal gearing)