Introduction of our new PPS system

At the beginning oft the new fiscal year, we started up a PPS system (production planning and control system) that was custom made for us.

This means: Precise production planning and machine assignment, which enables us to optimize set-up times and utilization. This enables us to shorten the delivery time. By controlling and monitoring the preliminary and final costing, we sustainably improve our corporate goals.

Your benefit: Shorter delivery times and even higher delivery reliability. More flexibility to implement your wishes and requirements. Above all, attractive prices with further improved quality and more effective control.

We can react much faster to inquiry from our customers. With the calculation we can record, calculate and quickly convert all customer requirements into offers. Already during the offer phase we can determinate the feasibility of a project and possible delivery dates by simulation. With the help of production control, we have full control over delivery dates, bottlenecks and costs. Resource planning controls the start of production and indicates possible material and capacity bottlenecks at an early stage. The CAD interface takes over the design data at the push of a button and uses it to generate parts lists and production orders.