Varieties of puller

Self-locking pullers SJ according to DIN 1418:
These serve to fix broaches with round shanks with aligning surfaces in the pulling mechanism. In these holders, the broaches are automatically locked for the working stroke and released after completion of the return stroke. Depending on their size, these pullers can be used on all horizontal and vertical broaching machines. For shanks SJ according to DIN 1418 with an alignment surface (key) against turning in the pullers.

We deliver pullers according to DIN 1418 in different variations and sizes. These are suitable for broaching tools with shanks to DIN 1417. Common sizes can be delivered within 2 weeks. Pullers for broaching tool shanks according to DIN 1415 are also available on request.

From now on you can order pullers SJ DIN 1418 in different versions quickly and easily via our online shop.

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