Shaper Cutters

Variants of Shaper cutters
We deliver shaper cutters in disc-, hub-, and shank-type versions as pre- or finishing cutter, for reference profiles according to the standards DIN 3972/II, DIN 3972/III, DIN 5480 and DIN 5482 for various modules and pressure angles.

Material: High-speed steel M35 (HSS) or also available upon request in PM steel (Böhler S390) or solid carbide steel.

Suitable for inserting internal and external gears in various components such as spur gears, ring gears, cluth hubs or drive shafts.

The shaper cutters are delivered in quality class A according to DIN 1829 and Alcrona Pro or comparable coatings and can now be ordered quickly and easily in various versions via our online-shop.

You can reach our online-shop: here

Master gears
We deliver master gears for various modules according to DIN 3970 with a degree of accuracy of quality 4 according to DIN 3962. These are suitable for gear testing of gears wheels with a quality of 8 and larger according to DIN 3962.

Material: High-speed steel M35 (HSS), finest grinding, incl. area for testing the radial run-out.

From now on, master gears of various types can be ordered quickly and easily via our online-shop.

You can reach our online-shop: here