3D coordination measurement machine & profile projector
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We are pleased to have the possiblity to use a 4 axis Klingelnberg PNC 30 to keep and approve our high quality level of manufacturing

Also we can offer you measuring as a wagework job.

Here are the technical data of the machine:read more
Measuring Microscope HITEC QZW1 M3 CNC

The HITEC QZW1 M3 CNC measuring microscope supports us with highly accurate repeatable measurements of your complex workpieces of all materials. The 3-axis CNC control is effected via servomotors and joystick and can be used for extensive series measurements.
Technical information: Base made of natural hard stone, precision measuring table, 3-axis CNC control, motorized zoom lens, USB camera 1.3 megapixels, laser pointer for positioning, 4 segment LED ring light, telecentric LED transmitted light.
Measuring range x-, y-axis: 400 - 250 mm / Length measuring deviation: 4 µm + L/100 / Measuring range z-axis: 300 mm / Magnification 35x - 225x / Picture section: 9 mm - 1.5 mm.

Gear Measuring on smallest parts

- In the picture is to be seen gear measuring of an involute profile with a major diameter of 24 and a module of 8,8 according to DIN 5480. Also measuring of ANSI B92.2M or similar is possible.

Surface quality measurement device
Individual testing devices
Equipment for economic, accurate testing of form tolerance and positional tolerance of work pieces for diesel motors of a larger series
Hardness testing machine