Internal Broaching

Internal Broaching

By means of broaching tools an internal profile is produced in a work piece. With this slots, grooves, splines, involute toothing, etc. can be produced in a work piece. Internal broaching requires a respective pilot hole through which the broaching machine can pull through the broaching tool in a linear movement.

Profile (extract)

* Serration DIN 5481
* Splined hub profile DIN ISO 14 (DIN 5462/5463/5464)
* Tooth hub profile with involute toothing DIN 5480 and DIN 5482
* Keyseat
* Square, hexagonal and octagonal
* Special profiles
* All profiles available can be downloaded.

* Cast iron (GJS, GJL, GS)
* Construction steel and machinery steel with Rm of up to 1000 N/mm⊃2;, stainless steel
* Non-ferrous metal, synthetic materials

Positioning (position)
* Any or defined

Order quantity
* Single item up to large-volume production

Economic production - a must
Machine table with three broaching places on which three work pieces can be broached at the same time.