Shaping / Drawing

Shaping is a machining production process with geometrically determined cutting edge for production of level surfaces, grooves and profiles which are not penetrable/broachable. In shaping the tool carries out the cutting movement and the back movement (prestroke and back stroke), the work piece is firmly clamped. Advantages of shaping compared with other processes are the lower costs for setting up and tools as well as lower warming of the work piece.

Profile (extract)
* Serration DIN 5481
* Splined hub profile DIN ISO 14 (DIN 5462/5463/5464)
* Tooth hub profile with involute toothing DIN 5480 and DIN 5482
* Keyseat
* Square, hexagonal and oxagonal
* Special profiles
* All available profiles can be downloaded.

* Cast iron (GJS, GJL, GS)
* Construction steel and machinery steel with Rm of up to 1000 N/mm², stainless steel
* Nonferrous metal, synthetic materials

Positioning (position)
* Any or defined

Order quantity
* Single item up to small volume production
Why Shaping
Customer benefits

No tension in the work piece
High freedom of creativity with regard to construction
Economic manufacturing process


Material-protecting machining
Geometrically flexible production process
Minimal acquisition cost for tools