The management introduces itself
The Gleser GmbH is a family business which is already run in the second generation.

In 1986, the mechanical engineer Jürgen Gleser only as a sole proprietorship and since 1989 as the current Gleser GmbH - Broaching Technology the company. He is one of the directors and managers of the company. He has more than 40 years of experience and can - literally - "broach" all occurring stumbling blocks out of the way.

From the beginning, his wife, the trained industrial clerk Gunde Gleser, is also part of the company. She is the authorized signatory and commercial manager of the company. Gunde Gleser has both the technical know-how and the commercial experience.

In 2011, the second generation joined the company with Jürgen Gleser's son Dr. Ing. Andre Gleser. He is a graduate engineer specializing in mechanical engineering and also works as managing director at Gleser GmbH - Broaching Technology. He has built up the company internationally and brought a fresh breeze to the company. With him, the company is very well prepared for the future.