Hard and Dry Broaching Machine - PRO Line

Hard and Dry Broaching Machine - PRO Line

Description Hard and Dry Broaching Machine - PRO Line


Our hard and dry broaching machine has ball screws. Instead of a hydraulic drive, we have an electromechanical drive. Our machine has a broaching speed of max. 60 m per minute. It is suitable for soft or dry broaching applications.
The machine has a specially developed overload detection. If a workpiece is positioned wrong or not pre-profiled the machine immediately interrupts the opration. This protects you reliable against tool breakage and rejects of workpieces.

Precise machining:
Hard broaching enables exact processing and correction of eccentricity, runouts, pitch deviations and also alignment errors and pitch errors.

There are the following advantages: High surface quality, short assembly times (no further classification required), short cycle times, less rejects, longer service life of components, increased load bearing capacity of profiles and, last but not least, high dimensional stability.

No hardening distortion:
In the hard broaching method high geometric accuracy of hardened workpieces is achieved because a hardening distortion is eliminated.

Environmental Protection:
The vertical and electromechanical drive of our hard broaching machine ist characterized by lower requirements compared to hydraulic drives. Another advantage is the high stiffness. As a result, vibrations are prevented and the machining of the workpieces is more precise.
Also from the elimination of the pressure medium (hydraulic oil) results another environmentally friendly operation.

Ease of use:
The machine also has a precision guided retriver to minimize vibration in the process to increase tool life. A modern control via touch screen and hardware buttons and saved programs gurantees an easy operation.



The accessory is not included in the machine price, because it depends on the type of broach used. It should be selected for each individual requirement. However, to avoid a delay in commissioning the machine, the necessary accessoiries shuold be ordered together with the machine.

Puller SJ DIN 1418:
These serve to fix broaches with round shanks in the pulling mechanism. In these holders the broaches are automatically locked for the working stroke and release after completion of the return stroke. Depending on their size, these shank holders can be used an all horizontal and vertical broaching machines. For shafts SJ with a safety device (key) against turning in the holder.

We supply puller according to DIN 1418 in different designs and sizes. These are suitable for broaching tools with shanks according to DIN 1417. We deliver common sizes within 2 weeks.
Puller for broaching tool shanks according to DIN 1415 are also available on request.

From now on you can order the puller SJ DIN 1418 in various designs quickly and easily via our online shop.

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Broaching Fixtures:
These are used where workpieces have to be fixed or where a defined position of the spline is required.