Internal Broaching Machine with elevating table - PRO Line

Internal Broaching Machine with elevating table - PRO Line

Description Internal Broaching Machine with elevating table - PRO Line
Modell BIV-LT 6 T800-3 with ball screw and servomotor

This machine can be delivered with up to 4 stations, different stroke length (max. 2,400 mm), with different cutting forces (max. 240 kN) and broaching sppeds (max. 24 m/ min). Thus, an optimal adaptation to the workpieces to be machines is achieved.

Working method:
The broaching tool is located in the upper tailed holder on the feeder. The elevating table with the workpiece fixture is in the loading and uploading position. A workpiece is placed on the workpiece support. The elevating table moves with the workpiece in the broaching position. The broaching tool is driven by the feeder through the bore. In this position, the broach puller takes over the broaching tool on the pull end.
It follows the broaching stroke. The machine table moves up until the broach has left the workpiece.
The elevating table moves back to the loading and uploading postion and the machine table moves with the elevating table with the workpiece back to the nether position. The workpiece change takes place.

The machine is in the factory set for 3 stations, which is extremely economical for machining your workpieces.
Each of the 3 stations consists of an electromechanically actuated feeder for the automatic return of the tool. They are automatically infinitely variable adjustable with "teach-in" function for different lengths of broaching tools
The machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication of the spindle bearings, nut and profile carriage for easy maintenance.
There is a 2-part cover on the side for maintenance and a 1-part cover on the back of the machine rrom for easy access for maintenance and noise reduction.
For ease of operation, the machine is provided with an automatic opening of the protective door for loading and unloading the workpiece directly on the machine table.
The scoope of supply includes a two-position table designed as a sliding table. The workpiece is transported via guides in the broaching position and back to the loading position.

Technical specifications:
Broaching force: 6 kN at 6 m/ min
Max. broaching force per station: depends on the quantity of station
Broaching speed: 2 – 12 m/ min (infinitely variable)
Return speed: 4 – 24 m/ min (infinitely variable)
Number of station: 3
Width of clamping plate: ca. 570 mm
Bore of broaching passage: Ø 80 H7
Operating height: ca. 1.100 mm
Color: Lichtgrau – RAL 7035
Others: Ball screw covered with spiral cover

Electric control:
• Control panel installed in the cabinet: Touch screen panel for manual operation with 2-hand control (color touch screen, error message on the touch screen, memory for up to 100 programs, servo drive).
• Monitoring of broaching force by torque.
• Operations monitoring of automatic operation (light column, 3-color: green, yellow and red, alarm sound at operating stop).

Broaching concept:
The broaching tool is guides on the tail end. Pneumatically/ mechanically actuated end piece holder for holding the broaching tool an the tail end. Exclusively mechanically operated broach puller for holding the broaching tool on the tail end in accordance with DIN 1417. Shank and tail holders must be ordered separately.

Environmental protection:
The vertical and electromechanical drive of our machine is characterized by lower power requirements compared to hydraulic drives. Another advantage is the high stiffness. As a result, vibrations are prevented and the machining of the workpieces ist more precise. Also from the elimination of the pressure medium (hydraulics) results another environmentally friendly operation.

Ambient conditions:
The machine must be installed and used indoors; in normal industrial environment. The ambient temerature must bei between 15° and 40° Celsius. The humidity must not exceed 70 % (non-condensing).


Coolant system with chip conveyor for chip removal:
in the foot of the broaching machine a chip conveyor with magnetic tape or scraper belt, coolant tank and centrifugal pump is installed. The plant is built as a unit. A magnetic tape ensures high filtration/ cleaning of chips and smallest particles of coolant. Enlarged multi-stage centrifugal pumps increase the volume flow of the coolant and thus an improved spray off of the broaching tool from chips. A separate flow cooler can be optionally retrofitted.

Flushing the elevating table:
For flushing the elevating table during loading and unloading of the workpieces, we offer optional: 2-Lock-Line adjustable flushing units for cleaning up the sliding table and workpiece holder from chips with coolant.

Circular brushes for cleaning the broaching tool:
The scope of delivery includes 1 set of circular brushes, installed in the sliding table for cleaning the broaches tool during the return stroke. These brushes you can reorder over us.

Measuring equipment:
Grindel shaft with 2 tips per diameter of pull- and tail end. To check the alignment of shaft and tail holder as well as the axial runout to the fixing plate.

Further interesting options can be found in our offers. Please note that options are not included in the machine price.


The accessory is not included in the machine price, because it depends on the type of broach used. It should be selected for each individual requirement. However, to avoid a delay in commissioning the machine, the necessary accessories should be ordered together with the machine.

Puller SJ DIN 1418:
These serve to fix broaches with round shanks in the pulling mechanism. In these holders the broaches are automatically locked for the working stroke and released after completion of the return stroke. Depending on their size, these shank holders can be used on all horizontal and vertical broaching machines. For shafts SJ with safety device (key) against turning in the holder.

We supply puller according to DIN 1418 in different designs and sizes. These are suitable for broaching tools with shanks to DIN 1417. Common sozes we deliver within 2 weeks.
Puller for broaching tool shanks according to DIN 1415 are also available on request.

From now on you can order the shaft holders SJ DIN 1418 in various designs quickly and easily via our online shop.

Click here for our online shop: Online-Shop

Broaching Fixtures:
These are used where workpieces have to be fixed or where a defined postion of the broach is required.