Rifling Broaches

Variations of rifling broaches

Gleser GmbH is an independent German company that specialises in the supply of tooling to defence contractors as well. We have many years of experience in the production of broaching tools of high quality and precision. We develop and manufacture our rifling broaches in close cooperation with our customers. We offer you a manufacturing service on the highest quality according to the standards DIN EN 9100 and DIN EN ISO 9001.

Rifling broaches are used for the production of twist-shaped grooves or splines in pipes. A common application is to be found in medium and large caliber in the defense industry. This is a set of consisting of stepped in diameter cutting ring or inserts. Each insert is over its predecessor larger in diameter, similar to the teeth of a conventional broach. With these tools caliber to 155 mm or, on customer demand, lager caliber can still process pipe lengths of more than 10 meters.

Our crown cutters have s special design for optimized usage in an pulling head for constant and/ or variable helix.

The precision tools made by Gleser GmbH differ to its competitors by a special and very complicated design, a selection of high-quality cutting tool material, which also withstand the resulting lateral compressive loads. Particular advantages for you as a user is also provided the design of the guide concentricity. Likewise, our guide bushing allow minimizing the burr formation in the transition from pull diameter in the field diameter. We can help you in solving your production problems. With adaptations, the process can also be implemented on depths-drilling machines. Please send us your enquiry!