Our purification process

For removing fats, oils, emulsions and chips we use cleaning systems from Dürr - between or after manufacturing processes.
Very efficient cleaning media are non-halogenated hydrocarbons. These are prerequisites for the economical and safe use of solvents.
Our system has as an option a still to recover the solvents. In this way we achieve a very efficient and environmentally friendly operation of the system.
By variants of the filter-system and other additional equipment, we achieve a high degree of flexibility: Removal of large quantities of oil and chips, in the case of mass parts or dirt particles and fine cleaning.

Main features

The main features at a glance:

● Closed working chamber for the cleaning and drying process
● Circulation-filtration
● High performance injection flood washing
● Deposition of the emulsion
● Continuous treatment of the solvent by vacuum distillation
● Continuous separation of low-boilers and water
● Minimization of energy consumption through heat recovery